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Finally connected!

Internet and cable ftw after a pretty shit day!

First night home…sleeping while mommy reads.





so ijust realised something

plastic donasours, right

plastic is made of oil

which comed from


plastic dinosaurs are made of irl dinosaurs


science has definitely come too far

how did you manage to spell dinosaurs differently 3 times

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Update on the apartment business!

At the moment I’m sitting in the library around the corner, which is brand new and SUPER nice!  I don’t have internet or TV yet, so I’ve been going a little crazy, but it’s only been a week today.  I’ve had a number of serious homesick moments and have really been missing my pets at my parents house.  However, I can say overall being closer to work and on my own is lovely :)  Now, on to some exciting news!  I’m adopting a kitten from a local rescue!  I went and met him today and he will be ready in about a week :)  I’m so excited to have my own fur baby and am looking forward to my life long buddy!  His name is Tommy Lee and I’m so crazy in love with him already!

wow good luck to you jealous!

Haha!  Thanks, at almost 26 it’s been a long time coming.  I didn’t go away for college so living with parents has been great, but it’s time to move it along!  Big girl panties and such ;)  It took a few years to find my dream (better paying) teaching job and it just happened to come with a now awesome friend and roommate :)

Moving tomorrow….

I’m in a weird state of excitement at finally being on my own and some anxiety of adjusting and making this new place my own!  It will take some adjustment (and I’ll be w/o internet for a bit….nooooo!), but it will get there!  Also, it’s definitely a good thing for me to take a tech break beyond when I need to hop on and pay my bills (I can do that at work until school is out).  Wish me luck!  Thankfully only a little bit left to load up and my furniture…should be smooth sailing :)




this needs to be in every art history book in 10 years

I would really really like an explanation for this.

I’ve never been so tense in my life

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me at 7AM:


me at 12PM:


me at 3PM:


me at 7PM:


me at 10PM:


me at 2AM:


Agh…I’m so forgetful right now!

I left my pedometer (a nice wrist band one) at my part time job -_-  Thankfully I called and they put it in an envelope for me to pick up after work tomorrow…it’s a pain and out of the way, but I LOVE that thing and it’s going to be weird not having it on tomorrow :(

Reblog if you are proud to be Vegan. :)

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the great bear rainforest in british columbia is one of the largest coastal temperate rain forests in the world, with twenty five thousand square miles of mist shrouded fjords and densely forested islands that are home to black bears with white fur.

neither albino nor polar bear, these rare black bears (there are fewer than five hundred) are known as kermode bears, or what the gitga’at first nation call mooksgm’ol, the spirit bear — a word no first nations person spoke of to european fur traders lest they be discovered and hunted. to this day, it remains taboo to hunt a spirit bear, or to mention them to outsiders.

the white fur in these bears is triggered by a recessive mutation of the same gene associated with red hair and fair skin in humans. though it remains unclear as to how the trait arose (or disappeared), it is especially pronounced on certain islands, and is known to confer a day time fishing advantage over the black furred bears (consider the first photo).

photos by (click pic) fabrice simon, eric baccega, paul nicklen, tom svensson, jonathan hayward and dennis binda

Stop and read this

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Moving day is almost a week away!

Which means that this weekend I have to get serious about this packing thing!  I’ve been procrastinating a bit and need to bring it into high gear!


Color Study: Desert Sky

Alice Blue, Baby Blue, Sky Blue, Periwinkle,  Peach, Carnation Pink and Rose.

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It’s interesting how different things manifest to show you where you need to make other changes in addition to ones you are already making.  Thanks for making a private email very public and showing me that I need to find another part time job.  You clearly did not think this e-mail through before sending it…

Now I sent a mature e-mail and now here is my immature response out of anger because I can!